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About Us

NSW Business is actively seeking new business opportunities. Our mission is to acquire established businesses, build upon their good reputation, and increase revenues and profits through a structured growth plan, such as add-on acquisitions.

Business transactions today require the ability to structure all elements with speed and precision and we are very competent in these areas. Decisions are made quickly and results are immediate.

Our principals and advisers are experienced in acquisitions and business development, and have been personally involved in direct operations of various types of businesses and have financial restructuring, balance sheet enhancement, merger evaluation, fairness, and strong corporate management expertise.

Our Principals and advisers are interested in aquiring companies within in the following businesses: Manufacturing, Trucking/Transportation, Retail, Mechanical Contracting, Commercial Printing, Wholesale Distribution. We are investors, and want management to remain.

We concentrate on growing a business. Increasing revenues through internal growth is difficult at best. Sales staff have to compete with similar high quality companies for the same customers daily, thus achieving revenue growth is difficult simply through internal business increases. Improving processes and implementing an effective plan of acquisitions and strategic alliances it is possible to increase revenues by 40% to 50% annually.

We also look for methods of improving Cash Flow and improving the Balance Sheet. For example, if a company traditionally has a weak first quarter due to the industry’s business cycle, we may be able to structure your sale when it is best for you.