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Analyse Financial Data

Upon Receipt of your requested financial information we are in a position to analyse your information and get back to you quickly, as there are no middle men, we are not brokers you are dealing directly with the purchasing entity.

Concerned about key staff leaving?

As we do not visit your premises in the initial stages prior to an offer being made all of our discussions are made in the strictest confidence, as its also in our best interest as we also want to retain as many existing staff members in the process as possible.

How fast can you close the deal after an agreement is made?

We take pride in our ability to close the transaction quickly, it is normal for a transaction to be completed with in 30-45 days after an offer is accepted.

How do I know the information will be confidential?

Due to the type of information we are dealing with this is imperative for both our benefits in addition we sign a Confidentiality agreement prepared by your or our Solicitor.

What type of business are we looking for?

The main types we are interested in is Manufacturing and import wholesale distribution, the industry is not important as long as the business has good history, the longer its been in business the better.

What Size businesses are we looking for?

We are looking for businesses that vary in size from $2 or $3 Million in sales up to $50 Million in sales however one of the keys is a strong management team, we will retain the existing management team with the target business. Typically the business will be in the 11-50 employee range.